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The Primary Election is September 14, 2021

The General Election is November 2. 2021

If you want to vote for Roger in the 2021 Primary Election, you MUST be registered to vote as a member of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. We understand that some of our supporters consider themselves Independents or Republicans, and we support every voter's right to maintain their preferred party affiliation. However, it is very easy to temporarily change your affiliation simply to vote in the primary election, and then change it back afterward. Your party affiliation does not matter in the General Election--in that election. everyone can vote for any candidate regardless of your party. 

If you would like to change your party affiliation in order to participate in the primary, OR if  you are registering to vote for the first time, please visit the Maryland State Board of Elections Voter Registration Website. On this site, you can complete the process totally online. Please remember to register or make changes to your registration at least a month before the Primary Election in order to ensure that your registration can be properly processed, and that you have time to receive your new voter registration card. More information is available at the Frederick County Board of Elections Website

Make sure your voice is heard! Thank you for your support!

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