The Made in Frederick Initiative

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What is it?

Made in Frederick is an initiative that truly combines many parts of my vision for Frederick. 

  • A Focus on Buying Local: I want to create a policy to encourage the City to purchase local goods and services whenever possible. 

  • Supporting Our Businesses: I want to create a honeymoon period for permitting and connection fees, to make opening and running a business in Frederick more affordable. I also want to put these processes online, to make the process easier for new business owners. 

  • Equity of Resources: I want to make sure all corners of the city have equal access to funding and the resources they need to thrive. 

Who's a part of it?

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You are!

Whether you live Downtown, own a business on the Golden Mile, or are an entrepreneur working on East Street, we are all Made in Frederick. And whether you were born here in the City, or just moved here from another state or another country, you are Made in Frederick too. Not only is this initiative about policy, it's also about unity, and finding ways to work together for a brighter future. Through public and private partnerships, increased collaboration between businesses and different communities, a focus on improving community engagement, and greater government transparency, we can move beyond this time of isolation and polarization and move forward--together. 

We're Made in Frederick!

Thanks to these local businesses, who we have used to purchase quality products and services for our campaign. This list will be continuously updated!


The Inked Leaf Custom Designs

Valley Graphic Service, Inc.

Signs By Tomorrow Frederick

Jerk N' Jive Bar and Kitchen

Beans & Bagels

Custom Imprints

4 The Love of Sweets

Smoketown - Creekside

Smile N Style

Northern Pass Marketing

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Valley Graphic.jpg